Graduate Admissions Essay about My Strongest Trait

Graduate schools have been asking students to write an admission essay about my strongest trait for a very long time. This might very well have been one of the earliest “touchy-feely” assignments given to students. It’s also something of an unfair graduate admission essay. It’s easy for admissions reviewers to claim that authors are shamelessly promoting themselves. On the other hand, authors are often so fearful of such a claim that they don’t write a very good graduate school personal statement. Some people would like to see these prompts changed. Nevertheless, it, unfortunately, looks like these essays are here to stay. Students sadly have to get used to it.

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Some Good Graduate School Admission Essay Examples

An admission essay about my strongest trait might end up focusing on something basic. Since students are often afraid to look arrogant by calling themselves smart or funny, they end up writing extremely bland graduate school admissions essay material. While it pays to be brave, it can end up being quite a gamble. Some admissions officers aren’t very forgiving at all when it comes to graduate school admission essay and statement of goals and objectives for nursing school. They also don’t often take kindly to experimental designs, like a graduate school admissions essay that states that excelling at the graduate admission essay writing process is your best trait.

Graduate Admissions Essay Sample: An Essay about My Strongest Trait

My strongest trait is perfectionism. While I know that a lot of people paint protectionism in a negative light, I’d like to make a case for it. Now I’m not saying that anyone should be neurotic about things, though I will admit that my dedication to things is rather obsessive. Rather I’m saying that society has become entirely too complacent. People have started to neglect their job. The trend towards not caring about anything has been going on for a long time. I can’t count the number of underground rock songs that complain about people being nihilistic. Those are angry voices saying that there needs to be a change. Most people have walked into a store and been treated pretty badly by someone who doesn’t really want to be there in the first place. That’s why a little perfectionism isn’t always a bad thing.

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