Graduate Admissions Essay on Your Major Accomplishments

When applying for graduate school, you might find yourself writing an admission essay on your major accomplishments. This is one of the more abstract essays, since it’s difficult to figure out what constitutes a major accomplishment as it applies to graduate school personal statement writing. However, it does serve to divide up graduate school students. Those that can effectively sell themselves while writing a graduate school personal statement or nursing goal statement might be considered good doctoral candidates. Writing a thesis is an accomplishment in its own right, so it bares some resemblance to writing an admission essay on your major accomplishments.

Some Effective Graduate Admission Essay Hints

When writing this type graduate school admissions essay, you might want to focus on leadership abilities. For instance, a graduate school admission essay on joining a particular organization could be helpful. Admittedly, the actual type of organization isn’t really all that important. A graduate school admission essay on a future business leadership program is equally as effective as a graduate admission essay on someone who received a black belt in his or her judo club. This is one of the major weaknesses of judging people based on the contents of a graduate school admissions essay, but one can manipulate it to make it work to their advantage.

Graduate School Admissions Essay Sample – Essay on Your Major Accomplishments

As for an example admission essay on your major accomplishments, you could go like this:

When tasked with a graduate admission essay, I couldn’t help but focus on a title I received in the past. As I lay on my back and stared straight up at the lights, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have actually been judged victorious in this test. I had been training for the longest time just to get to the moment where I would actually receive a black belt, or more appropriately what we judoka would call a Dan rank. While most people might think of it only as a sport, judo put me on a path to success that has never once failed me. It taught me the respect and discipline that I needed to pursue a higher education. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t learned such respect.

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