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There are many online checklists and tips about writing the Statement of Purpose. If they do not pertain directly to a PhD program, erase them from your mind. Anyone who will read your PhD Statement of Purpose does not want to hear about your childhood and how your passion for your chosen field arose. That is exactly what you want to do for any other statement of purpose, but not PhD.

There are only two things that the reader truly wants to know about you. First, do you posses the potential that it takes to become an outstanding academic in your field of study? Second, how do your interests relate to the school of your choice. In other words, how can you help them in their interests. They are not partisan to YOUR interests and how you plan to succeed in YOUR life; though those are good to mention in the essay. They ultimately want to know how you can help THEM.

Thing to Include in Your SOP

  • Specific Research Interests

Tell the jury what you are interested in researching. How does this relate to the overall goals and interests of the University? Tell them how the two of you could work together to do great things that will benefit the university as well as yourself and even others. Do not be too broad as to say “I want to further research social philosophy”. Talk about what specifically interests you about social philosophy and what parts of it you wish to delve deeper into.

  • Academic Background

Have you had previous research or professional experiences that have prepared you for what you wish to enter into? Detail these to your reader and talk about how they have prepared you for your future and set you apart from others. If your personal background is directly relevant and you believe that it would strengthen your case, mention it here, but briefly. If you believe that you would contribute to the diversity of the program you wish to enter, mention that here as well; but focus on real life experiences over all else.

  • Reference Specific Faculty Members

Mentioning faculty members that you would like to interact with is a great way to identify yourself with the university. They can see you there and will be able to understand your plan for academic excellence.

  • Career Goals

If you want to be taken seriously by the admissions board, you must have goals. A PhD with not goals is a lost cause to an admissions board. Without goals, you have no drive or ambition; no reason to keep going. Also, make sure that your goals are related to your research. Do not mention irrelevant goals, no matter how important they are to you. You want to give the impression that your research is the most important goal that you have.

We hope that these guidelines have helped you out in the writing of your personal statement. The writers at Graduate School Personal Statement are expert personal statement writers. So if you need assistance writing a personal statement worthy of a PhD university, enlist the help of our professional and experienced writers.

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