Common Topics for Graduate School Admissions Essays

Having trouble coming up with a topic for your graduate school application essay? Maybe you have been given a list of options, but are not impressed by any of them. You have to be sure when writing this very important essay that you are invested in whatever topic you choose. Otherwise, your essay will surely suffer. See below a list of possibilities. We hope you are inspired by them!

1. Academic Objectives

When you mention specific goals for your student career, it shows a jury that you are goal oriented and result-minded. These are impressive characteristics for a student.

2. Plans for the Future

Briefly mention any strong academic objectives and build on them to describe career objectives. This gives a reader a good idea of who you really are and why you are here. It also builds anticipation in them, and they will want to see you back to succeed!

3. Research

If you have a specific area of study within our field that you are particularly interested in, be sure to mention it. This will let the jury know that you are already invested in your field. It will also show them that you are a hard worker.

4. Academic Interests

What are you interested in? talk about the classes that you have enjoyed, and even extra curricular activities that have change you for the better or caused growth in you. Make sure you always relate this back to a point that has to do with you getting into graduate school.

5. Achievements

Detailing achievements that pertain to your field is a great way to show a school what you have to offer them. However, be careful not to brag or boast, as this is a turn off to most jurors. Make sure that you describe the events leading up to each achievement or award and give credit where credit is due.

6. Professional Experience

Reviewers will always be impressed with previous work experience related to your field. describe how you got their and what you took from it. Also describe how those experiences shaped you and caused you to continue on in your field, or change it.

7. Personal Experiences

This is a tough one, as this is usually reserved for a personal statement. But if you can pull it off and link everything you say back to a common thesis, you can end up with a great admissions essay. To pull this off, you need to make sure that the experience, or experiences, that you are writing about carry enough weight to be effective.

These topics are designed to get you thinking about what is important to you and what you should write about in our admissions essay. There are many more possibilities that may suite you better than any of these. If you still don’t have what you need, contact us and we will set you up with an admissions essay that is better than you ever imagined it could be. Order now, and we will assign a writer to your job that is most qualified. Each essay is unique, just like each student. No admissions essay should ever go without the help of others. Enlist the help of the professional writers here at Graduate School Personal Statement, and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied!

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