Graduate Admissions Essay Checklist

When writing the graduate school admissions essay, there are a few thing that are very important to keep in mind and to make sure that you include. The graduate school admissions essay is a crucial part of your graduate school application as a whole. Study this list well and you are sure to come out of this experience with a successful admissions essay.

  1. Maintain a balanced tone, not too exuberant, but not melancholy or negative.
  2. Include some first person narrative. This allows your reader to better relate to you through your writing.
  3. Choose a topic and stick to it. Nothing is more distracting to a reader than an essay that wonders and goes around in circles.
  4. Appeal to the mission of the school you are applying to. Determine what you have in common with the school and their mission and focus on that at least in some way
  5. What is unique about you? Tell the reviewer of your essay what it is that sets you apart and make you different from any other student.
  6. Do your research about the college or university you are applying to. Figure out which specific faculty members you would like to work with and inform them of this in your essay. Be sure to note more than one professor, as this will make you seem more flexible to the board of reviewers. You do not want to pigeon hole yourself right off the bat.
  7. Discuss any related experiences that you have had. These will convince the board that you are prepared and that you can actually give something to them. Do not give the impression of a one sided relationship with your school by only telling about your goals and why you need to be accepted. Remember that they need you just as much as you need them.
  8. Don’t leave out major flaws or downfalls just out of fear. If they are irrelevant, obviously do not mention them. But if they are relevant, be sure to detail them and show how you have, or plan to, overcome them.
  9. Be sure that you are following all of the school regulations for the admissions essay. You do not want to be disqualified because you did not do enough research about the requirements regarding length, topic etc.

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