Overview of the Graduate Admissions Essay

So many graduate school prospectives get discouraged when trying to write their graduate school admissions essay. All of this stress and worry about being accepted and writing an essay that will impress your application reviewer can give you a negative outlook on the whole process very quickly. But take a different, more positive approach to writing the essay, and you may be surprised how invested you become in it.

The quality of the graduate school admissions essay is so important to your chances of being accepted. Consider these facts about the essay before you get started constructing it

What To Include:

With so much personality, so many qualifications and other information that could be a part of your graduate admissions essay, how do you decide what to write? Decide yourself what the most important thing about graduate school is to you. Also decide what the board of reviewers is looking for in your essay. A reviewer wants a person that stands out to them over all of the other applicants. Find out what it is about you that does this and focus in on it.

Stay Focused

Generally, an admissions essay will ask the writer a question or give a prompt. Don’t give too much information that strays away from this main idea. Leave the other information to your application questionnaire and personal statement, or any other essays or requirements that are part of your application. Remember that the main purpose of the graduate school admissions essay is to give any additional information that was no included elsewhere in your application. But be careful, your essay should still be coherent and should have a thesis and obvious purpose.

How To Appeal to the Reader

When preparing to write your graduate admissions essay, take notes on two things. First, your goals and aspirations pertaining to graduate school and your future career. Second, take notes of the requirements of the school you are applying to and their mission statement. Figure out where your goals and theirs meet, and write about that. How are you similar to your reader? How can you better the school once you are accepted? How can you better your chosen field?

When To Start

It is never too soon to start brainstorming. As soon as you learn the deadline of your graduate school admissions essay, start thinking about an angle to approach it from. Start thinking about what your goals are and what sets you apart from other prospective students.

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