UC Personal Statement Development

The University of California has a few peculiarities about it when it comes to student admissions. For this reason, writing a personal statement is a crucial part of your application. You must be sure that you address these peculiarities without stating them outright. The UC is very particular about who they admit and their reasons for admitting them. The best thing to do is follow their instructions to the “T”. Do this and follow these simple tips, and you will be on your way to a successful personal statement.

  1. Your personal statement is the context for the rest of your application, and the admissions board at UC sees it that way. Write in such a ways that makes you seem unique while still fitting in with the types of student UC wants to admit.
  2. Unlike other universities, the personal statement at UC is comprised of two or three different prompts that you must answer. Many colleges allow you to choose only one topic from a list of prompts.
  3. Be careful to follow the word count. The number they give you should be the total words of all of the separate essays that you write for the personal statement portion of the application. Their may also be requirements about how you divide up this total. You will not be able to submit your essay if the word count is not correct.
  4. At some UC campuses, freshmen and transfer students will have different prompts. Be sure that you write on the correct one.
  5. DO NOT write your personal statement in the online application submital program. You WILL get a “session time out” message and have to start over. Write in a word processor with spelling and grammar check.
  6.  Have others look over your personal statement before you submit it. A fresh pair of eyes can do wonders.

Despite the uniqueness of the UC admittance process, if you follow these simple tips and the instructions of the campus of your choice, you will do just fine. Also, always remember that the staff here at Graduate School Personal Statement specialize in this type of writing, and are always here to help you in any way. We offer personal statement editing services as well as full writing services. You can do this, and we can help!

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