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Every day, millions of people worldwide serve their communities by contributing in some way or another to the public health system. If you are looking to receive your MPH (Master of Public Health), than this very well may be you! Before you can jump into the world and start making a difference, though, you must receive your full education. There are many great MPH programs around, and you have to evaluate them and determine which one best suits you. Not just any program will admit you, though; you must prove to them in the graduate school application that you will be a great fit in their program. One opportunity for you to do this is the graduate school personal statement, which appears on most MPH applications.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative with Your MPH Personal Statement

MPH Graduate School Personal Statement HelpWhen sitting down to write their personal statements, many students get into a very serious mode in trying to decide what belongs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being serious, as a lot of focus is never a bad thing! However, oftentimes students will be so focused on saying the right things that they do not allow themselves creative freedom in writing their graduate school personal statement. Never forget: the whole point of the personal statement is to make you stick out from the pack, so creativity is one of the most important parts! You want to be creative, but you do not want to accidently make the reader think that you are not dedicated.

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Striking this balance of creativity and seriousness is the hardest part of writing your MPH personal statement, and our professional writers understand that better than anyone. They are here to help you along the way, and to make sure that you are not disappointed with your options for MPH programs. No one should be held back from the school of their dreams because they do not have the time to devote to crafting creative graduate school personal statements, and we are a firm believer in that. We provide our top quality services at an affordable rate so that every prospective MPH student can go where they want.