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Getting your JD

If you have always been fascinated with the law and are thinking about how to pursue this interest, you have probably already thought about being a lawyer! This is an exciting career that you will surely keep satisfied with for years, but there is a long road in front of you before you can begin your career as a lawyer. The first step after an undergraduate degree is to get the Juris Doctorate, also known as a professional doctorate. While this is the first step, it is certainly not an easy one! There are a great many universities which offer a JD, and all of them have positive attributes which must be considered. You want to pick the school that will start your law career off on the right foot, and you do not want to make the wrong decision!

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Graduate School Personal Statement

One of the processes involved in applying to a JD program is providing the university with a personal statement. This is your chance to demonstrate to the JD program of your choice that you deserve a chance to receive their degree and that you belong at their school. One of the most important characteristics of your graduate school personal statement is the level of sincerity which the reader feels from what you say. Someone can say anything about themselves, but it is irrelevant if the audience does not truly feel that it is sincere. Conveying a tone of sincerity is not a simple task, and many people struggle with this aspect of writing a statement.

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