Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

writing a winning sample letter of recommendation for graduate school

Writing a letter of recommendation for graduate school, as well as graduate school letter of intent, isn’t an easy thing, because in most cases a person actually isn’t writing about themselves. Rather they’re writing the letter on behalf of someone else. As a result, writing a good one takes both thought and a good bit of time. It’s really helpful to start by spending a little time with the candidate being written about. Ask them about their goals and objectives.

Looking at Sample Graduate School Letters of Recommendation

Any basic sample graduate school letter of recommendation has to follow certain formatting rules as follows:

  • Write the letter from the reader’s point of view instead of your own
  • Utilize your own letterhead if at all possible
  • Follow a specific order when it comes to presenting information
  • First illustrate how long you knew the candidate for and how you knew them
  • Follow with general duties
  • State specific accomplishments after these previous steps have been completed
  • Only put down your own background experience if its relevant to the project, but if it is make sure to do so as this can help
  • Avoid giving personal feelings about the individual in question
  • Provide written references only if it is required by the particular format in question
  • State that the information is confidential if a reference is required
  • In some cases the letter itself needs to be double-spaced
  • Use a readable standard typeface when setting the letter
  • Make sure to use regular blue or black ink if it’s printed
  • If the letter is submitted in an email, the color should not be changed

graduate school letter of recommendation sample

Finishing the Graduate School Letter of Recommendation

There are a few other tips that should be followed when writing a graduate school letter of recommendation sample. Never comment on the person’s beliefs or ethnicity. It’s usually best to avoid anything else that’s divisive regardless of what kinds of formats are being followed. Otherwise, the letter should simply follow the usual rules of quality business letter writing.

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