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Our company provides all of our clients with the best, high quality academic writing services. The moment that you place your order, you agree that you are fully aware of the user agreement. Ensure that you have fully read and understood our terms and conditions.

Our company is and will not be responsible and that we do not guarantee anything with regard to your grades, but instead we guarantee that we will provide you with the best academic document based on your specifications. We strive to provide you with the best quality of custom essay products and writing services. We can’t be held responsible any issues regarding incorrect email addresses, spam settings, or failure to connect to the internet which may result to the late delivery of the completed project.

Our services are made available to all of our clients on a 24/7 basis. You can contact our support team at any time and they will surely assist you should you have anything in mind that you need to address to us. You can also advice them of any problems regarding the delivery of your order.

Our company gives our clients a free revision service for 30 days for us to ensure that they quality of work that we have provided them will work to their satisfaction. You can file for these service one week from the time that your order was completed for you to be eligible. In cases that we need to make any revisions, the instructions that you gave us may not be changed, the revised document would still be based from the original requested order. Once the timeline to ask for a revision has passed, we are considering that you are satisfied with what we have provided.

The discounts or promos that we have regarding our products and services are only individual and only to the typical writing services and packages that we offer. Be aware that we the writer assigned to work on your order will not start to work on it unless the payment has been made to us. We are not responsible for the customers delay in their payment.

The writer assigned to you will base their work according to the instructions that you have specified. It is upon you to provide them clear and precise instructions; otherwise it may forbid our writers from giving you the best quality of work they are accustomed to. If you are to change the original instructions you gave us, it will be considered as editing, and thus we will require you to make another payment for our editing services.

Should you choose the improper academic level of writing, then you will be liable for any issues that may arise if any errors take its place. We advise you to give us a call right away to immediately change the specifications or requirements of it. Should you attempt to contact our support or writers outside of the contact information listed on our website will be considered as a violation of the company’s terms and conditions. These actions will be considered as fraud and would require our Fraud team to conduct its investigation.

All of the work materials that our company provides our clients are submitted only as reference materials. These are presented for academic purposes only. These aren’t submitted as completed resources and should only be used within the boundaries of clients’ academic institution.

The client agrees that we will provide them all documents in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 formats. Any other file types that the client would want the document to be accomplished in should be fully coordinated to our support team. This means that we are not liable for any issues regarding file opening and reading.

All of our clients and website viewers are strongly advised to exercise strong caution when viewing reviews about us. Reviews may at times be incomplete and sometimes even fake. We would never influence any review, but instead we aim to provide the reviewer all of the information they would need to write an honest opinion about us for our clients to view. We are open to any recommendations given by them and we will always look to improve on the quality of our services.

Our company runs an affiliate program across all webinars and most of them receive payment from us. The payment isn’t meant to make them say good things about us nor to influence any part of the review, it’s meant for the compensation of the review that they have done. Each and every reviewer that is affiliated with us is obliged by the FTC to clearly specify that on their website.