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Architecture Personal Statement Examples and Writing

What Is Architecture Personal Statement?

An architecture personal statement is a requirement to complete your application form. Almost all the institution offering degree in architecture requires the applicants to write a personal statement. Usually, the word limit is 500 words or one page. In this limited word count, you have to tell them that why you want to become an architect, what triggered this thought and what are your future goals. After reading architecture masters personal statement, the admission committee should feel that they know you, as a person and they know about your passion as architect.

If you want to start your career as architect and want to get admission to any undergraduate course, you need to write personal statement. If you have already graduated and want to do the masters now, personal statement is part of your application, however this time it will be different. You will be mentioning your past experience and skills about the architect.

What Are the Main Difficulties Writing Architecture Personal Statement?

Architect personal statement is not easy to write. If you are planning to start your graduation, you may find it even more difficult. Here are some common things, which student find difficult to write in their personal statement:

  • What should be the content of a personal statement? Many students are confused about the content. It’s not about your academic grades, which are already mentioned in your CV. It’ about you and your passion about architecture. They want to know why you have selected this profession and what are your goals and aim. So, the focus should be on these kinds of questions.
  • Another problem is the word limit. You have to express yourself in very limited words. So, write a comprehensive note, instead of detailed account.
  • Most of the people try to write personal statement in very formal language, which is of no use. Keep it simple, but free of a mistake, that’s more important.
  • Usually, students leave the personal statement for the last minute, which creates problems for them and they fail to write it properly. Start writing your personal statement well before time, give it due attention and write properly, if you want to get admission.

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10 Good Tips for Writing a Winning Architect Personal Statement

You can find architecture personal statement examples, which can help you. but here are a few tips, which you may find helpful:

  • Make an outline first. Brainstorm with a family member or friend and make a list of important, interesting and relevant points, which you can include in your personal statement.
  • If you are quoting more than one incidents, make sure you quote them in correct order.
  • Organization of the personal statement is very important. You can make a draft first or you can edit it after writing it. But make sure your personal statement is well organized.
  • Consider the given word count or character count very seriously.
  • Don’t add irrelevant information. Don’t repeat the academic records, which are already mentioned in your CV.
  • Your tone should be very positive about the architecture and the institution you are applying to.
  • Keep your personal statement simple. But it should be coherent and well connected.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread your personal statement. Every time you read, you find a mistake.
  • Avoid the use of typical words, which are used in samples of personal statement. Be original.
  • If you have no idea about the personal statement and architecture personal statement examples are of no use, it’s better to hire a professional.

Architecture Personal Statement Examples Online

Graduate school personal statement examples or law personal statement examples are always plenty online with us and among them, few belong to the architecture program too. Architecture graduation program is nowadays popular and many students are showing more proclivities for this program every year too. Competition is definitely high for this program and having a good personal statement like statement of purpose architecture graduate school is must in order to be a winner over other applicants.

We kept some of the sample personal statement or pharmacy personal statement example online for this purpose and make use of those samples well. Our architecture personal statement sample is worth following for the student and it will keep your success factor to the higher levels always.

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