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Avoid Funny Personal Statement Mistakes with Us

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Jokes for Your Personal Statement Grad School

So you’ve decided to join grad school, that’s awesome. One thing you’ve got to understand though is that grad school isn’t anything like college. Indeed, it’s got its own set of features that you will find unique, and some of them might even scare you! That being said, we wouldn’t want you to be morbid of grad school at all.

On the contrary, grad school is a lovely place where you can amass plenty of knowledge to further your skills with your career prospect. At the pinnacle of any grad school application is writing a great engineering personal statement. Interestingly, we find many students making a myriad of funny personal statement mistakes that cost them their chance of enrollment. But we will get into all that a little later. First things first, we’ll be highlighting some of the differences between college and grad school that you ought to know before enrolling!

What Is the Difference Between College and Grad School?

College and grad school are different from each other in quite a number of ways. At times, it can even shock students to the point they have a difficulty adjusting to the subtle nuances that come with enrolling in grad school.

Indeed, here are some of the ways in which grad school differs from the proverbial college life:

  • Everyone is minding their own business: Back in college, reputation mattered. Heck, especially if you were the hype man or the life of the party. However, when it comes to grad school, frankly, no one gives a hoot about what you are up to. In fact, many students are so engrossed with their studies and personal lives that they do not have the time to pay attention to any distractions in their surroundings.
  • Your best friend will probably be the library, oh and Wikipedia!: *Sigh*, don’t you just miss the golden days in college when weekends consisted of partying or probably ending up with tattoos in the most ludicrous parts of your body? Well, in grad school, all you’ll have of these are pleasant nostalgic memories of your wild life! Yep, that’s it. Say goodbye to ‘drunk and fun Dave’ because you’ll most likely be spending a ton of your time gathering relevant knowledge at the library. Oh, and your biggest friends will be a dash of Nescafe coffee and good ol’ Wikipedia!
  • You’ll probably become a werewolf: Surprised? Don’t be, the professor in one of your grad school classes might secretly be a werewolf waiting to bring you into his Lycan fold one dreary night. Okay, we’re kidding. But in terms of being a werewolf, you can rest assured that your behaviors will certainly be more nocturnal based on all the extra reading you’ll have to do to keep at par with content. This is in stark difference to werewolf tendencies in college, where you used to stay up all night based on all the video games and movies you were indulging in. Indeed, grad school will change a lot about your life. Other facets of your life such as dating will be affected as well.

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Funny Things about Life in Grad School!

Think we’re bluffing? Here’s are some funny things to expect once you step foot into grad school:

  • Dating will be like a 10-mile kill shot, it happens once in a while! Back in the day, you were the most casual person in college, and by casual, we mean that you hooked up with every living soul in a 10-mile radius.
  • Springbreak who, what? So it’s spring break, and you yearn for the days you walked around campus shirtless and flirting with just about every person that walked your way. Sadly, in grad school, the only real action you’ll see is that from hardpaper textbooks piled up on your desk. Oh yeah, and maybe some funny PhD jokes to check out while you’re having a break.
  • Coffee becomes a life-saver. You’ve always loved coffee. Perhaps it’s the subtle taste that touches your lips instantly reviving you from the clutches of slumber and making you prepared for the day. Or maybe it could be the sweet aroma that just makes your day more scintillating.

Tips to Writing Your Personal Statement for Grad School

Now onto the next one. If you are currently applying to grad school, here are some subtle tips to keep in mind when writing your funniest personal statement ever:

Reveal something intriguing about yourself

As they say, everyone has a story. And in that story, we bet there’s something spicy about you that can make the application board go, ‘whoa!’ Indeed, funny jokes about grad school can also lighten the tone of your application! At times, it’s all about capturing their attention. Perhaps you can use some subtle grad student jokes or stories to get them looking your way? The freedom is yours.

Be cautious about the voice, tone, and choice of words that you use

As a rule of thumb, always keep it short and simple. Frankly, long and complex sentences are such a bore. As a rule of thumb, make the content as simple as possible. And don’t forget to add master degree puns while you’re at it!

Edit and revise content after submission

After you have written content on your MPH personal statement, make sure you edit it and proofread it to ensure that there are no syntax and grammatical errors.

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That being said, if you need assistance with your personal statement for grad school, simply get in touch with us today and we will immediately assist you! Do note that we also provide expert ratifications on any funny personal statement mistakes.