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Law Personal Statement Examples for Graduate School

What Is Law School Personal Statement?

A law school personal statement is an important part of your law school admission application. Being a lawyer is a challenging job, so the admission committee wants to ensure that they are choosing the right candidates. In personal statement, you mention the importance of being lawyer in your life. How you can make difference in others’ lives and what are your goals and target associated with this degree. You can get help from law personal statement examples, but make sure you write an original personal statement of your own.

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No matter in which law degree you want to get admission, you need to write a personal statement. It’s compulsory for the law graduates who want to get enroll in higher degrees and for all those who want to start their law education from the initial stage.

In law colleges, all the applicants are from the same backgrounds and almost same qualifications. For the admission committee it’s difficult to select just a few candidates. The personal statement is the key to judge the abilities of the students. It helps to evaluate the writing abilities of students, their passion for law and the value of this degree in their lives. So, law personal statement is a deciding factor in many cases.

Main Things to Pay Attention to in Your Law School Personal Statement

You need to take personal statement very seriously. Following are a few main things, which you must pay attention to:

  • Don’t leave it for the last minute. It’s an important document so, start writing is well before time.
  • Make sure you are mentioning all the important points, about your achievements, experience and community work.
  • Take care of the mistakes. You should pay attention to your spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Proper revision and editing is very important. Writing personal statement and sending it without revisions, is a bad idea.

law school personal statement example

Here is the advice from Dr. Ryan Murphy, a Law Admission tutor at Aston University:
 “Try to demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in las as discipline. This interest can come from any number of experiences you may have had, be they academic, personal or professional.”

5 Good Tips for Writing Successful Law Personal Statement

  • Law school personal statement example can be quite helpful. Read a few personal statement examples, before you start writing yours.
  • It’s always a good idea to write a draft first. Make the necessary changes and then start writing the personal statement.
  • Start with an interesting incident, which can grab the attention of the reader. Keep in mind that you have to leave a long-lasting impression on the mind of the reader.
  • Don’t write a long personal statement. One and a half page is enough. Write a concise account, why you want to become a lawyer and how it will change other life around you.
  • Revision and editing is the key for the successful personal statement. Revise it as many times as you can, every time you will change it for the better.

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