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Graduate School Midwifery Personal Statement Examples

What Is Midwifery Personal Statement?

Midwives are a very important part of our healthcare system. Many young girls want to become midwives to help the community around us. Many institutions offer degree in midwifery. The application requirements are just the same as any other graduate degree. You have to submit midwifery personal statement with your application. A personal statement is your introduction, why you have selected midwifery as your career and how important it is for you, why you are suitable candidate for this profession and how you can help your community being a midwife. These are a few basic questions, which must be addressed in personal statement.
writing successful midwifery personal statements
The entire candidates, who are applying to get admission need to submit personal statement with the application, you can read midwifery personal statement examples to get an idea about the content. But keep in mind that the purpose of personal statement is to prove you the right candidate for this profession. They need to evaluate your writing abilities and your command on the subject. The admission committee wants to know, the value which you can bring to their campus. So, write your midwifery personal statement, as well as your personal statement for masters in healthcare administration carefully, it can be a turning point in your career.

Main Difficulties Writing Midwifery Personal Statement

You can find many successful midwifery personal statement examples on the internet, and it seems that writing a personal statement is very easy. But when you start writing you find it quite difficult. Here are some main difficulties, which you will face when writing your personal statement:

  • How to start: Yes, it’s the most common problem, which students face. They have no idea that how they should start their personal statement. Reading successful midwifery personal statements can help a bit. Start with an interesting incident, which reflect your passion about midwifery. It will engage the reader to read the complete statement.
  • How long it should be: Some institutions provide word limit for the personal statement, while others provide no clear guidelines. No one is interested in reading long stories, so keep it short but don’t miss any important point. One page with standard margins will be enough or you can extend it to another half page.
  • The ending: Like start, candidates are confused about the ending too. They are confused about the end. Like start, end of the personal statement should also be very interesting. You can select another interesting event or observation, to leave a long-lasting impression on the mind of the reader.
  • The content: Content of the personal statement, should be relevant to midwifery and your personality. No one is interested in reading irrelevant stories, which are of no use. Make it interesting but don’t add any irrelevant material.

midwifery personal statement example

10 Good Tips Writing Successful Midwifery Personal Statements

  • Make a list of things you want to add in your personal statement. They should be interesting and relevant to you.
  • Don’t include the particulars already mention in your CV. Repetitive information is of no use.
  • Explain why you are an ideal candidate for midwifery.
  • Mention your passion about this field and how important it is for you to become a midwife.
  • Include your extracurricular activities and community work too.
  • Express your critical thinking abilities.
  • Admission committee wants to hear about your long-term plans as well.
  • No matter what you are writing, keep your tone positive.
  • Avoid criticizing any person or any institution. Focus on your ambitions and goals.
  • Don’t forget to revise and edit your personal statement. Proofreading is a must.
“If you successfully write an interesting personal statement, which has no mistakes. It can help you to attain a unique position in the crowd, which is the key to your admission”.

Midwifery Personal Statement Examples Online

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writing successful midwifery personal statement examples

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