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Admissions Essay for Graduate School Writing

Importance of Your Admissions Essay for Graduate School

An admissions essay for graduate school is quite possibly the most important essay (it will be helpful to know how to write accounting personal statements, for example, too) that you will ever write. But summing up your accomplishments and qualifications into one well-formatted essay can be very difficult.

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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to get you started!

What is the difference between a graduate school admissions essay and a personal statement?

A graduate school admissions essay simply states the reasons why you desire to be admitted into the college of your choice. This will include some personal background, but don’t go into too much detail. A personal statement is a description of a few events on your life that lead you to choose this particular career path. It is not a chronological account of your life, but you will want to be very detailed so that your reader can identify with you on a personal level. Choose highlights that best answer the essay question and that best describe your ambitions.

Should I use the first person in my graduate admission essay?

Generally, academic writing is not done in the first person. However, in this case, it is quite necessary. In order for the reader to truly identify with you, you will need to get on their level and talk with them as if in an intelligent conversation.

How long should my admissions essay for graduate school be?

Your college will normally specify the desired length of the essay, but if for some reason they do not, you should not exceed two full pages in your graduate school admission essay.

Should I repeat information that is already included in my general application?

In some cases, yes. A juror may not read every detail of your application, therefore, it is important to quickly highlight the most important of these details. But be sure not to overdo it. Redundancy can be a turn-off.

Should I include details about negative experiences in graduate school admissions essay?

If these experiences are imperative to your development in your chosen field, then yes. However, be sure not to dwell and the negative. Make sure to put a spin on it and tell the reader how this event has positively impacted you.

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How to Write Graduate Admissions Essay about My Dreams and Goals in Life?

While it might seem just as abstract as any of the other graduate school admissions essay, an admission essay about my dreams and goals in life is actually more appropriate. People can express views in this sort of graduate school application essay that are directly tied with the degree program that they signed up for. A lot of graduate programs are focused almost completely on some sort of academic research. This academic research could factor heavily in an admission essay about my dreams and goals in life. That being said, it shouldn’t come off as too didactic.

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Interesting Graduate School Admission Essay Topics

If one has been previously involved in research, they can usually feel free to mention this in their graduate school personal statement. However, they should keep things focused on the topic. Individual pieces of graduate school admission essay material are usually quite specific. They’re mostly focused on a single thing. A single graduate admission essay can change everything, so you should be sure to actually follow the advice that the sheet gives. Offer readers a good mixture of both information about academic research as well as a personal story. You shouldn’t really end up making it too personal, however.

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Graduate School Admission Essay Sample: An Essay about My Dreams and Goals in Life

While I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, I didn’t have any real view of the medical profession for the longest time. I now know that I want to be an osteopathic physician more than anything else, but things weren’t always so cut and dry. Actually, I originally started to explore medicine because of a visit with my Uncle who lives in England. The British healthcare system is very different than the one we have on this side of the Atlantic. However, after I really took a look at the differences between the American and the British system, I realized that I didn’t like how many conditions were treated at all in either. That’s why my dreams changed a little, and my goals have been focused heavily on the osteopathic profession. I want nothing more than to be a real osteopath and help patients who come to me.

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