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Graduate School Admission Essay Writing Help

The Purpose of Your Graduate School Application Essay

When moving forward with your graduate school application, along with your transcripts, letters of recommendation for graduate school, and test scores, you’ll need to include a graduation school application essay. The purpose of this letter is to convince the school’s admissions counselors that you are the best candidate for their program. Your essay will act as a personal statement that highlights your personality and any unique experiences you’ve had in your academic and professional life that make you a better candidate.

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How to Create an Effective Graduate Application Personal Statement

The graduate application personal statements will do two things: capture your personality and boast a bit about your accomplishments. However, many young or inexperienced writers find it difficult to find that appropriate mix of positive writing about themselves that sounds confident, but not arrogant.

If you find yourself in this predicament, we have a team of professional writers who know how to produce essays that hit exactly the right mix of confidence and convincing language that catch the admissions committees attention. And we can help you, too. Our writers will develop a custom-written personal statement that illustrates your talents, strengths, goals, and personality and also shows why you’d be a valuable addition to the university’s graduation program.

Crafting a Winning Admissions Essay about the Person I Admire

Anyone charged with writing an admission essay about the person I admire should be rather careful. Graduate school admissions officials are probably exhausted with famous people. Individuals who write a graduate school admissions essay on George Washington won’t look very creative. For that matter, US Presidents and UK Prime Ministers are such common responses that they’re probably annoying at this point.

What might be the saddest aspect of writing personal statements for grad school pages is that one can’t often use the people they really do admire the most. A graduate admission essay project covering Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi might actually be rated poorly.

Best Graduate School Admissions Essay Topics

Private individuals make pretty good graduate school admission essay topics. Celebrities can sometimes make decent topics, but a graduate school personal statement usually shouldn’t just be done by someone who has been recently making headlines. Admissions officials are likely to think that a student was being lazy and just took down the first name they saw on a search engine. Lesser historical figures can also look creative.

Nevertheless, an admission essay about the person I admire might best be about someone close to you. Family members, friends, and coworkers are great options for writing about someone you admire. Members of the clergy are popular choices for those in divinity school.

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Example of Graduate School Admission Essay about the Person I Admire

The person I admire the most has to be my stepbrother. He’s always looking at the world around him and trying to find ways that he could help it out. He often identifies things that really make him shake his head. For instance, we were recently taking a walk near a public school where they had thrown countless dictionaries and novels into a dumpster. These books were in perfectly good condition, and they were accompanied by furniture. Meanwhile, we found a good part of the school was blocked off so that they could install solar panels on the roof. The apparent double standard of wastefulness angered him so much that I wouldn’t doubt it if he were writing a letter right this moment. That’s exactly why I admire him. He cares so much about everyone and everything around him, which makes him a respectable man.

Why Use a Professional Writing Service for Your Graduate Application Essay

Because your letter needs to show off your unique personality, it truly needs to be one-of-a-kind. Since many amateur writers tend to rely on simplistic writing techniques, such as cliches, they may get overlooked. But using a professional writing service is the best way to ensure your graduate school application letter and essay really rises to the top of the list. Since this essay is about you, we’ll write a customized, original letter that is as unique as you are. It will even be run through our special software that ensures there are no signs of plagiarism throughout your essay – or any of the essays or term papers that our company produces.

How to Get Started with Your Graduate School Application Essay

If you’re ready to produce your graduate school letter of intent , simply provide us with your information, and we’ll pair you with one of our university-educated writers who knows how to catch the attention of a school’s decision makers – because they’ve had to do it themselves. Our writers are well-versed in all topics of study, so you can be sure we’ll pair you with a writer who knows the way to help you truly stand out. Let’s get started today!

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