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Personal Statement for Psychology Graduate School Online

When looking for admission to grad school to study for psychology, you will need to have attained the basic required grades for you to be considered. Still attaining these grades will not give you a free ticket to a class of psychology. You will need to prepare a psychology grad school personal statement that will elevate your chances of being picked.

You will obviously need to know how to write a psychology graduate school personal statement because this is one of the very important documents that the admission board will go through. If the statement is not immaculately written then chances of being admitted become suddenly slim even though your grades are good.

writing personal statement for psychology graduate school

Personal Statement Psychology Graduate School

There’s nothing tougher to complete in the application for school than the personal statement or personal statement grad school education. The competitiveness to get into graduate school programs means that your every aspect of your application has to be the highest possible quality, and that’s true especially of the personal statement.

The personal statement is the chance for the institution to get a look at you thoroughly and insightfully, but with how tough it is to complete it’s easy to overwhelm. However, our professional service is here to help!

Things to Include in Application Personal Statement Writing:

When constructing an application personal statement, it is important that you include things that will make the most impact on the reader, as this is most likely your only shot to do so. Follow this simple checklist and you are sure to have everything you need, and nothing you don’t, in your application application personal statement.

  • Relevant courses and why they interested you. Talk about high school or undergrad you are applying to graduate school, courses that lead you to your career decision. Tell the reader why you were intrigued by them and how they prepared you for your future education and career.
  • Achievements. Talk about what you have accomplished that sets you apart from other applicants. How have these achievements prepared you for what you plan to enter into.
  • Personal and professional experiences. Any relevant experiences that you have had are definitely good to mention. This will show your reader that you are intentionally preparing yourself for the future and that you have experiences that put you ahead of other applicants.
  • Hobbies and extra-curricular activities. These types of interests shape your character and tell your reader who you are when you are not being an academic. This will give them an image of you that they can relate to on a personal level.
  • Plans for the future. Any dreams or aspirations that you have are good to mention as well; especially if they relate to your chosen field. This will give the board a reason to admit you, as they will want to see you accomplish those dreams.

personal statement psychology graduate school writing help

What NOT to Include in Application Personal Statement Writing:

  • Repeated content. Don’t include content that appears elsewhere in your application unless it is directly related to the focus of your personal statement and you plan to elaborate on it further.
  • Negative experiences. Don’t talk about negative that have happened to you unless you need to explain something that is on your record that the board will see. Also be sure that if you must mention these experiences you put a positive spin on them and tell the reader how you have grown because of it.

And don’t forget to use our help writing application personal statement in making the final paper.

Application Personal Statement Writing Style Checklist:

Be sure to think carefully about the following when you begin putting your thoughts into words.

  • Transitions and flow;
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • Use intelligent but relevant terms;
  • Be positive;
  • No use cliches;
  • No lists or bullet points;
  • No slag or abbreviations.

Professional Help with Personal Statement for Psychology Graduate School

The thing about the personal statement is that it requires a balance of writing skill, formality, ingenuity, and acuity. You have to be able to sense what the institution to which you’re applying really wants to know about you. You have to determine what to do to achieve this, what to write about, how to answer everything while also being unique and interesting. This is the tough stuff about the graduate school personal statement writing format for psychology graduate school, finding a way to be traditional but also interesting, but it’s exactly what our professionals specialize in!

Whatever You Need, We’re Here to Provide

We are a team of professionals who believe in giving the client our very best. We ensure that our work is free of all mechanical errors that might put off the reader. We emphasize on making a short personal statement for graduate school simple, understandable and to the point. By doing this we guarantee you a very high chance of getting picked to joining the class that you so much worked hard to be in.

Take advantage of our help to write your personal statement for psychology graduate school and boost your chances of acceptance today!