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Environmental Graduate School Personal Statement Writing

Applying to graduate school involves a lot of work. Admissions committees have to be sure that the applicants they choose have the right background to succeed in their program. A graduate school personal statement is the perfect way to convey to the committee that you are the best choice for their environmental graduate school. Instead of fretting and losing sleep over writing your own graduate school personal statement, let us help you.

What Is Environmental Science Personal Statement?

Environment science is undoubted, one of the most favorite choices for the students who want to get admission in graduate school. Moreover, students also pay much attention to repute of institute in which they want to complete their graduation. Now they prepare themselves to two kinds of challenges; one is getting admission in their desired institute and other is winning the seat in that discipline where there is great competition among applicants i.e., environmental science discipline. Obviously, the only way to motivate the admission committee and convince them that you are the best candidate for this particular program is writing an inspiring environmental science personal statement.

An environmental science personal statement is that document in your admission application that portrays your skills and abilities to prove you a perfect candidate for graduate school environmental science program. Remember! It is not possible that everyone could see the reality of his dream. Only those become successful in achieving the goal of their life, who works with sincerity and hard work such as writing the chemistry graduate school personal statement or environmental science personal statement with full devotion and perfection.
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What Are the Main Difficulties in Writing Environmental Science Personal Statements?

Writing the environmental science personal statements in such an inspirational and logical tone that could compel the selection committee to think about you positively is not an ordinary job. You need lots of professional skills to write a winning personal statement. Let’s see, what are the main difficulties in writing the environmental science personal statements?

  • Making a perfect outline: Making a perfect outline of personal statement is the first difficulty that most of the student face while start writing the statement.
  • Segregation of information: Segregation of academic, practical and professional information according to standard format of personal statement is also not an easy job for the students, who try to write their personal statement at their own.
  • Division of personal statement: Division of personal statement into three standard parts i.e., intro, body and conclusion is also a tactic that is not easy for those applicants, who try to write their personal statement for the first time and having no knowledge about standard requirements of personal statement division.
  • Formatting of personal statement: Formatting of personal statement as per the recommended style of institute or standard guidelines is the job of a professional writer. A new starter cannot do the perfect formatting and ultimately commits very serious mistakes.

Environmental Personal Statement Writing Tips

Every applicant wants to make the best impression possible when sending their personal statement, yet only a few get to impress the admission committee. To make a personal statement much more engaging, interesting and that eventually increases your chances of getting an admission, consider the following tips when writing:

  • Be original. The best way to attract the attention of admission agents is by being different that everyone else. Try to be creative but keep it serious, this way you will obtain a much higher chance of getting an interview.
  • Be personal. Write like you write informally but using formal words. Express your feelings and desires in a serious way, talk about your talents and how you can use them for the better, and eventually give an idea why you are such a great addition to the program of your choosing.
  • Be honest. There is nothing that makes a personal statement get rejected as much as lies do. When you lie on your essay, admission agents can find out about it, and they will immediately reject your application. Remember that they know who you are, they have seen your CV and previous work experiences plus studies, they know you, so don’t like to them.
  • Be careful. If you are looking to craft a perfect personal statement, try to write carefully and make sure it is all meticulously written after you’ve finished. Proofread and make edits accordingly.

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Best Environmental Graduate School Programs

Just as there excellent ways to craft a personal statement, there are also excellent programs for environmental studies. If you want to be part of an outstanding program that is worth the effort of a great personal statement, consider the following options:

  • Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Interior Environments, New York School of Interior Design
  • Masters of Environmental Sciences/Studies, Nissiping University
  • Master of Engineering Leadership in Integrated Water Management, University of British Columbia
  • MBA/MEM or MF with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale School of Management
  • Master of Science in Environmental Science and Monitoring, South Carolina State University
  • Master of Public Administration: Environmental Management, Kean University

Find out more about each of these programs and you will surely learn everything you know to craft an exceptional personal statement.

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As Annie Valdez, admission essay writer says: successful application to environmental science programs fully depends on your graduate school personal statement. You should be absolutely confident that your environmental personal statement, environmental science personal statement, science personal statement, chemistry graduate school personal statement, as well as, a good written personal statement for an accounting graduate school shines and stands out from the crowd. Graduate School Personal Statement writers would like to give you some hints on how to make your personal statement impressive – check their environmental graduate school personal statement example.

Environmental Graduate School Personal Statement Sample

I have always had an interest in science related subjects, especially those relating to biology. While taking a Biology course in college, I found the module energy and ecosystems were of particular interest to me. My interest in the natural world, and study of science encouraged me to further my understanding in this area by applying to study Environmental Biology in graduate school. I wish to pursue my graduate degree in this field to enable me to develop scientific skills that will provide me with a greater understanding of the environment and factors that affect it. I am also studying Chemistry and Math at the undergraduate level. The practical element of my chemistry course involves an understanding of procedures and precautions necessary throughout all science-based experiments; I feel that this understanding will improve my ability in practical elements of the course. After having studied Math, I feel being able to interpret numerical data at a higher level will also enable me to develop my understanding of any numerical information that are found  in the course.

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I love the outdoors, hence my interest in sports and any outdoor activity. I have enjoyed a range of activities from countryside walks to kayaking and tennis. Because of these interests, I would particularly enjoy the fieldwork the course offers. I have been able to combine this interest in sports with a part time job as a leisure attendant at local sport center. As part of this job I was asked to lead a youth sports and activities group which aims to promote sport among young people in my area. This experience has also allowed me to introduce other young people to activities that I have enjoyed. This  also helped me to develop skills that would come in handy while I am in graduate school. My responsibilities included arranging individual sessions as well as trips out with the participants. This has improved my organizational skills, which has affected my ability to combine part-time work with college effectively. Working as part of a team and serving members of the public has also improved my social skills, making me more confident when working with others.

I wish to study at the graduate level, not only for the knowledge that I will gain from the course, but also for the experience that graduate school life has to offer. During my four years at college I have participated in various activities. For example, I represented the college at open house day, volunteered as a college council representative for my peers, participated in a blood donation drive and I was also very involved in fundraising for local food banks. These activities meant that I had to be confident, approachable and polite. I feel these are characteristics that will enable me to get involved with student life while I am in graduate school. My ambition is to participate in conservation work abroad, before gaining experience in a career based in this area. I feel the experience outlined above and the knowledge I will gain from graduate school will enable me to achieve this ambition.

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