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Statement of Purpose Sample

I have had an interest in Science since I was young and always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the public’s health through detailed research. While I was studying my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at University, I spent time as an Undergraduate Research Specialist for two years and learned a great deal about genetics. Upon graduation, I continued my time with  University as a Research Technologist where I have been exposed to studying diseases and how they impact children early in life. However, in this environment, I was also exposed to a new side of the field where I was tasked with trying to understand the spread of disease and its pathogenesis from a statistical point of view. As a result of this research, I expanded upon my existing interest in learning and understanding the epidemiology of disease outbreak and its global impact from a molecular point of view by including biostatistical analysis of disease outbreak and how to prevent future disease outbreaks by creating relevant statistical models.

Due to new interest in diversifying my focus with respect to disease outbreak and statistical models, I have decided that a Master’s of Public Health at the University in order to gain a new perspective and knowledge regarding infectious disease outbreak. I hope to learn and analyze the past history of various disease outbreaks and prevent any future outbreaks. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the matter of autism and how applying a biostatistical approach to clinical data would increase the possibility of catching it at an early developmental stage and increase the possibility of preventing the disease’s future development.

In the long term, I hope to have a rewarding career that enables me to make a positive difference in the Health and Science field. I am confident that a Master’s in Public Health from the University would be an important next step to realize my long-term professional goals. It is with great pride that I submit my application.