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Writing a Persuasive Letter of Intent for Pharmacy Residency

What Is the Letter of Intent for Pharmacy Residency?

When you want to apply for the pharmacy residency, you need to prepare your documents carefully. For writing personal statement, you can read pharmacy personal statement example. Letter of intent is another important document, which requires your attention. Letter of intent for pharmacy residency is a comprehensive letter, in which you need to define the goals and objectives of your career. You also mention your personal experiences, leadership abilities and other unique qualities, which makes you different than others. You should mention, what you have to offer to this organization.

The purpose of writing pharmacy residency letter of intent is to convey your interest in a particular area of pharmacy. You express your goals and what you want to achieve after completion of this residency. You can read pharmacy residency letter of intent example to get an idea about that.

writing a stellar letter of intent for pharmacy residency

Pharmacy Residency Program Letter of Intent Should Address

You can see sample letter of intent pharmacy residency to know the content. However, you should address the following points in your letter:

  • What is the importance of residency program in your life?
  • Any unique experience, which influenced you to choose this program. You have to make a unique mark on the mind of reader, and this is your chance.
  • What elective subjects you will choose? Concisely mention your previous experiences, which helped you to make choices.
  • Write your interests. Make sure they are in accordance with the experiences, which this program offers.
  • Thank the admission committee for reviewing your application and considering it for residency.

You are supposed to answer some questions in pharmacy residency program letter of intent:

  • What are the professional goals, you want to peruse?
  • Why you are interested in this residency, particularly?
  • What is the role of this residency, in achieving your goals?
  • What you can contribute to this program?

persuasive pharmacy residency letter of intent example

Summary of the Differences between Letters of Intent and Personal Statement

Usually, people are confused about letter of intent for pharmacy residency application and personal statement. Here are some key differences between both:


Letter of Intent Personal Statement
Audience  A residency program  Admission committee of an academic program
  • Express your goals
  • Your current experiences and skills
  • What you can learn and contribute
Why you selected pharmacy?

Why are you suitable for this program? What you have achieved so far

Focus Why do you want to do this residency?

What makes it your top choice?

How your skills will help you?

What are your future plans?

Detailed information about those incidents, which forced you to join residency

How your skill and experience will help you to complete this program?

Your long term goals.

Format It should be written in business letter format. Personal statement will be written in essay format.
Length  One to two pages.  One page or not more than 500 words.

Developing a Pharmacy Residency Program Letter of Intent

You may have to write letter of intent for pharmacist job and for admission as well. No matter, what is the purpose, but the format of letter of intent will remain the same.

  • Introduction: You have to introduce yourself first, very briefly. Tell about your previous qualification and experiences in the introduction section. Don’t go in detail, it will make your letter a boring one.
  • Main body: In the main body, you will answer all the questions, which we have mentioned above. Make sure you do not go in details. Keep all the information concise and brief. Tell the reader, why you are interested in this program particularly.  You can divide this part in 2 or even 3 paragraphs, depending on the volume of content.
  • Final paragraph: In the end, you will ensure the committee that this residency is very important for you and you can ideal candidate for this seat. You have to stand out from the crowd.

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