Accounting Graduate School Personal Statement Sample

Competition in accounting graduate schools can be fierce and you need to be sure that your accounting personal statement stands out. How to show that you deserve to be accepted? What traits should you emphasize? What achievements should you mention? How to catch an eye if you only one from thousands of applicants? Our Graduate School Personal Statement Writers know the answers. Check our graduate school personal statement examples accounting and get ready to start creating your own draft!

Linda Spencer, Senior Personal Statement Writer.

Accounting is like a specialized field of scientific analysis. You must analyze every aspect before making a decision as to how to solve a problem. I have often heard that if you possess good observational, analytical and critical faculties you will become a good accountant. I believe that the foundation to success in any field is dedication, hard work and patience. You need to possess solid common sense and be able to think logically because everything has a set order, method and rules. Each piece of the puzzle is placed carefully and is important in the context within which it is found. Analytical skills are needed to take apart every piece of information and use it to as a foundation for your decisions, actions and methods chosen. Since I have excelled in both mathematics and science during my undergraduate program, I believe that I possess the necessary foundations to succeed in graduate school. I developed an interest in accounting as I find working with numbers to be an area in which I excel the most and feel comfortable, organized and would like to continue my development through study in graduate school. My main goal is to study Business Accounting or Accounting and Finance to pursue a Masters in Accounting. Studying various math and business courses, such as calculus, workplace management and conflict resolution have helped me develop my skills and given me a wider understanding of various concepts and methods that are relevant to the accounting field. I am apt at identifying what concepts need to be used and when they are saleable, which is a skill that has helped me achieve the greatest possible results. I have the ability acquire knowledge quickly, apply it when relevant and I am capable of independently studying and conducting research. My main ambition for the future is to become a Financial Advisor. I am hoping graduate school will provide me with a deeper understanding of the business world and increase the range of choices and options available for me after graduation. I have helped teach mathematics to young children while in college and I have also tutored many of my classmates in preparation for exams. I enjoy teaching and feel this could also be a career path for me. Outside of the lecture hall, one out of my many passions is reading literature. I enjoy visiting any libraries around the country and the world that I come across. My favorite type genre is non-fiction history. I enjoy visiting various historic sites in the United States and abroad. I currently work at a part-time job in retails sales and I have been working at J.C. Penney since I was a freshman in college. I am one of the few staff members still working there after four years. This is an advantage for me as I can offer the highest level of customer service and I have a good working knowledge of all store operations. My colleagues at work and acquaintances have all perceived me to be committed, reliable and adaptable. I have found that I need to adjust my responses to the many changes that occur in life. My job has also taught me to be more tolerable and patient with others.

I have thoroughly enjoyed college and believe that graduate school is the right next step for me. Both my experience in college and my part time job have changed me as a person. They have given me a greater sense of accomplishment. I have opened up to people more and am now a better team player as I have learned to listen to others and analyze their opinions. I have learned to be more accepting of other cultures and beliefs and feel that I am much more open-minded. I hope that you will find that I am a good match for your graduate school.